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Automatic Door Sensor

The automatic door opening systems are used in commercial buildings, shopping malls, theatres, etc. These systems are used to open the door when a person comes near to the entrance of the door and close it after he moves away from the door or after entered into the door. There are various kinds of sensors are available in the market to make such types of systems such as Radar sensors, PIR sensors, Infrared sensors and Laser sensors, etc.This project uses a PIR sensor to open or close the door automatically which senses the infrared energy produced by the human body.When someone approaches the door, the IR energy sensed by the PIR sensor changes and activates the sensor to open and close the door automatically. Further, the signal sent to microcontroller to control the door.

Automatic Garage Door Opening System
Opening and closing of doors have been always a boring job, especially in places where a person is always required to open the door for visitors such as hotels, shopping malls and theatres. Here is a solution to open and close the door i.e, movement sensed automatic door opening and closing system. This project is used to sense any body movement nearby the door. This is achieved with the help of a passive infrared sensor. Generally, a human body emits infrared energy which is detected by the PIR sensor from a particular distance. This signal which is detected by the sensor is fed to a controller to function a door motor through motor driver IC. When a body reaches the operating range of the PIR sensor, it sends a signal to the microcontroller to open and close the door.